about me


(1) Particulars
Born at Allenstein / East Prussia (now Polish territory) in 1938; from 1966 until July 2000 teacher of English (FL) and Geography; since then retired, married with two children; now living in a small wine-growing village near Mainz; managed to draw five-legged lion at the age of five when asked to do so by friend.

(2) Memberships
- Essenheimer Kunstverein, D-55270 Essenheim (near Mainz, Germany)
- Vice-President FECO Germany (FECO = Federation of Cartoonists´ Organizations)

(3) Expositions
- Group expositions: 1982, 1985 (Essen/Germany); 1986 (Düsseldorf/Germany); 1992 (Alzey, Germany);1996 (Essenheim/Germany);
  1997 (Cologne /FECO-Germany), 2003 (Darmstadt, Germany; Wiesbaden, Germany), 2004 (Ober-Ramstadt, Germany; Montabaur,
- Single expositions: 1987 (Alzey/Germany); 1989 (Mainz/Germany), 1998 (Annweiler/ Germany), 1999 (Lübben/Germany),
  2002 (Osijek/Croatia), 2004 (Montabaur/Germany), 2005 (Leipzig)

(4) Publications
Quarterly “message“ (magazine for journalism) 2001-2010, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 1991-2003 Cartoon books: “Auf Buchfühlung“, 80 cartoons, author´s edition, 1999, “Buchfühlung”, 80 cartoons, LIT Verlag Münster 2000, “Stilvoll auf den Schlips getreten“, cartoons, LIT Verlag, 2000, “Der Mann, Die Frau, Das auch“, cartoons, Lit Verlag 2001, “Zwölf Geschichten oder so“, short stories + cartoons, BoD 2003, „Adam - zwölf Geschichten oder so plus zwo“, short stories + cartoons, BoD 2004, „Homo Sapiens, oder?“, 100 cartoons, LIT Verlag 2004, Various cartoon calenders since 2007, “Adam – 32 Geschichten oder so”, short stories + cartoons, Shaker-Media 2009; various cartoon calendars since 2007

(5) AWARDS, Mentions, Citations:

1988 Excellence Prize/Tokyo; 
1990 Honorable Mention/Tokyo; First Prize "Sowjetskaja Kultura"/Moscow;
        Grand Prix Coffs Harbour, Australia; FECO-Prize UK / Beringen, Belgium
1991 Gold Prize/Seoul; Top Ten/Coffs Harbour
1992 Excellence Prize/Tokyo
1992 Excellence Prize, Tokyo
1993 PrPrize of Exile Kultur-Koordination/Essen, Germany; 
        Artistas Selecionados/Piracicaba, Brazileis Exile Kultur-Koordination, Essen
1994 Works of Special Merit/Kamiyubetsu, Japan; 
        First Prize
"Humor Erotico"/Buenos Aires;  
        Fifth Prize /Taejon, South Korea; Artistas Selecionados/Piracicaba, Brazil
1995 KEVER-Preis, Beringen, Artistas Selecionados/Piracicaba
1996 First Prize (Amateur)/Jonzac, France; Citation/Tokyo
1998 First Prize (Golden Hat) /Knokke-Heist; Artistasionados / Piracicaba; Special Prize/Taipeh, Taiwan
1999 1 out of  8 Prizes/Lübben, Germany
2001 Kever-Prize/Kruishoutem
2002 Award of Success/Baku, Azerbaijan
2003 Award of Success, Nanjing/China 5.Prize, Taejeon/Korea
2004 Mention fidélité, Jonzac/Frankreich Zweiter Preis, Salon Mercosur Buenos Aires (Humor Grafico monocromo) Selected Prize, Seoul
2005 Golden Sea Urchin, Blato / Kroatien
2007 2nd prize Dutch Cartoon Festival 
2011 Special Prize, Zielona Gora / Polen

Cartoon copyright by F. Hoffmann 2009